Characters Rigged for Animation in Toon Boom

Translated loose initial character sketches to finalized colored puppets for animation later on. Characters are a bit more anatomically correct (not a lot, lol) than earlier designs, and large pupils have been shrunk considerably to allow them to emote better (keeping stylized highlights, however).

Eye (blink, narrowed, raised lower lid, etc.) and mouth shapes (vowels and consonants for lip syncing) have been built in our animation library. Parent hierarchy (W_Head is connected to W_Neck, which is connected to W_Torso, etc.) has been constructed as well. We'll avoid deformation chains and bones for the most part, instead opting to hand draw limb movement when needed. The exceptions to this will be Yannis's neck (as her facial range is limited, we'll try to emote more with head movement) and tail which WILL be mapped to deformation chains.